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INDAG Products for metering, mixing, homogenizing and refining of liquids.

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We develop and manufacture special, high-quality INDAG dosing and mixing pumps, dynamic continuous mixers and complete systems for dosing and mixing liquids, including control and regulation technology, for both the non-food and food industries.

One of our special product areas comprises the INDAG foaming systems, with which a gas is added to one or more liquids. Our main products, the dynamic mixers, are manufactured in various sizes and designs. These allow for gentle folding of fruits into curd cheese or structural modifications of a liquid through the high shearing forces of the mixer.

Such continuous flow mixers form the core of our complete mixing systems.

All of our products are characterized by maximum precision, reliability and safety. The low maintenance requirements and the long service lives of our pumps and systems guarantee efficient investments. In addition to individual products, INDAG offers you complete solutions customized for your application. In providing this service, we place a premium on comprehensive customer support.

What do you have to do? You describe to us your application Ð we develop various solution approaches and work closely with you to select the best alternative. Manufacturing, preliminary assembly, testing and acceptance inspection of your customized system are all performed at our plant. Transport to the site of use and installation are also part of our service program.
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